Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Where Are the Jobs? A Dose of Optimism

Time Magazine is tackling the outlook for jobs this year in a series of reports. This month's Time kicked off the series with some optimism, and a few surprises.

Sure, job growth is expected in health care and education, industries that have weathered the recession better than most, and also tech workers will see continued demand for their skills. But according to the magazine's analysis, business services will outpace health and education, to the tune of about 120,000 jobs for workers with a bachelor's degree. The magazine defines this category as consulting firms like Deloitte, which is planning to hire a slew of workers, but also office cleaning firms and other services.

It's important to pay attention to your region of the country, as well as your general industry, if you're tracking the jobs, Time points out. Baltimore is featured as a city where the population and the city's main employer, Johns Hopkins University, are a mismatch. It may be time to check out that reverse commute up I-95.

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