Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Blues Roundup

Sometimes I feel like I was a bear in past life. Come January, I just want to hibernate. It doesn't help that Downton Abbey and Sherlock were on last night, with three straight hours of British TV goodness. Somehow, my boss, my kids, and the rest of society don't really allow me to check out for the next few months.

This morning I dragged myself out of bed, put on my warmest thermal underwear, and got a short run in. It really did help to see the sunrise, somehow, and exercise always helps my mood. I'm going to try to stay away from the chocolate chip cookies today, and eat more protein.

The best advice may be to not expect too much of ourselves, however. It may not be the best time to write your novel, for instance, according to Norman Rosenthal, who literally wrote the book on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Recent research by Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison shows that award winning writers have productive cycles that follow the seasons, with spring and fall being most productive. The darkest months of winter are not one of them.

Interesting, then, that we sometimes charge ourselves with huge life changes at this time of year, with New Years resolutions to lose weight, change jobs, and improve.

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